How to use Magic Water

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Mostly anything can be cleaned, disinfected, sanitized, or deodorized by Magic Water except raw aluminum, copper, objects that are not water resistant, lacquered, leather, silk, clear coated optical lenses.

Carbonate potassium which is used as electrolyte to produce Magic Water is a substance classified as food additive. It is safe even if a baby chews any items which have been cleaned with Magic Water.

Magic Water is water with very tiny clusters full of hydrogen. It goes into the spaces between stains and objects, wraps stain particles with negative ions and separate stain particles from the surface of objects. Magic Water works as deodorizer as tiny negative ion clusters of water wrap particles of odor. And, it sanitizes, due to its very high alkalinity which does not allow any germs to survive in it.

Warning – keep away from children. If splashed into the eyes, rinse eye with running water. If swallowed, drink generous amounts of water.