Our mission is to have an eplan32 Magic Water machine in every hotel, restaurant, school, hospital, airport, office, and manufacturing facility.

The average initial pay back period on an eplan32 Magic Water machine is just a short period and the savings keep coming.

A better cleaner.

Our 12.5 pH Magic Water can replace all detergents, soaps, and cleaning agents. It not only cleans, sanitizes, disinfects and degreases, it also deodorizes. Essentially the perfect cleaner, as harmless as water.

The replacement of all detergents is here now.

neutral water
pH 7.5

diluted Magic Water
pH 10.5

Magic Water
pH 12.5




Switch to eplan32 Magic Water and start saving now.


Despite it’s powerful cleaning effects, Magic Water is environmentally friendly. The high alkalinity is quickly neutralized when in contact with regular water as it goes down the drain. Normal detergents that contain chemicals and surfactants, are harmful to the environment and contaminate water as they flow through the drains, into our rivers and seas.

Still not convinced? email sales@eplanmagicwater.com and get your free sample now.


A flexible cleaner.

With the exception of aluminum and raw copper, any surface or material can be cleaned with our Magic Water. The powerful formula removes even the toughest stains, safely and ecologically, allowing businesses to completely replace baskets of cleaning products.

It’s just water, yet so powerful.